Title: Vacation 8
Description: More from the 24/M/Del Universe - The vacation continues.
Pairing: seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 474
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.
Warning: this story line contains MAJOR SAP

Seifer watched as Squall paced restlessly. His hair was pulled back into a short, stubby ponytail and already the tie was coming loose from his fine hair. His phone was cradled to his ear, and Squall moved back and forth across the room along the same path.

“Dad?” he finally said, stopping and standing bolt upright. “What happened?”

Whatever had happened, Seifer couldn’t hear. He could see the disappointment in Squall’s face however, and the shock as Squall’s eyes widened. He’d never actually met Laguna Loire, the president of Esthar, through chance rather than design. The few times Laguna had made it to Balamb he’d been away on promos and Squall had only – as far as he knew – told Laguna he was in a relationship.

“Dad, Rollerblades aren’t meant to be worn inside and certainly not on the stairs. Squall glared at Seifer as he started laughing. “Hang on; I just need to beat someone.” Seifer covered his head as Squall seized his pillow from the bed and smacked him with it. “Better. Is Kiros doing okay?”

With Squall close, Seifer could grab him by a belt loop and pull him closer. It didn’t take much effort to tug Squall down to sit in his lap and very little more to coax Squall into reclining against him. Holding his lover so Squall’s head rested on his shoulder and his arms were wrapped around Squall’s waist, Seifer felt very content.

“I’ll come visit next weekend. I’ll bring the boyfriend.”

He abruptly felt much less content. “You sure that’s a good idea?” he whispered.

“Yeah, see him when he’s laid up and high on pain killers. Not that you’ll know the difference when you meet him again. Oh dad, you know it’s true.”

It was the only next logical step, he supposed. Well he should have met Laguna before the rings but… well at least now he couldn’t forbid him from seeing Squall or something stupid. He’d just make the best of it, after all he was Squall’s dad. He couldn’t be that bad.

“Yeah, this one’s serious. Permanent,” Squall took Seifer’s hand and rubbed his thumb over the new ring. “Very permanent.”

Seifer grinned into Squall’s hair, letting him play. At least he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stop touching the proof of their commitment.

“Dad, get some sleep. I’ll leave the phone on in case anything else happens. Night.”

After a moment, Squall ended the call.

“Everything okay?”

“Mmm. Broke his leg and separated his shoulder. Familiar, hm?” Squall wiggled around until he was lying face down on Seifer, clinging to him.”

“So, I’m meeting your dad and this is permanent,” Seifer plucked the tie from his lover’s hair and let it fall to the side. “Don’t I get a say in any of this?”

“Nope. No arguing until the honeymoon is over.”


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