Title: Vacation 6
Description: More from the 24/M/Del Universe - The vacation continues.
Pairing: seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 496
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.
Warning: this story line contains MAJOR SAP

In the night, he'd shifted to rest his head on my chest, one arm flung around my waist to hold me tight and keep me from moving away. I liked that, having him cuddling against me but I worried for him too. I woke up first, listening to the birds singing and the sound of his breathing, enjoyed the cool breeze and a chance to get a lie in with Seifer. We got so few.

Eventually, Seifer stirred reluctantly waking at last. Grumbling he turned his head to look up at me and his demeanour instantly changed - he grinned at me. "Hey."

"Hi," I smiled. I loved his smile like that, all unguarded, open.

"What time is it?"

"Only ten, you can go back to sleep if you want," I touched his bed mussed hair, brushing it away from his forehead. The old scar was almost invisible now, but I could feel it when I touched my fingertips to it. My mark on him, no matter how faded would always be there.

"Nah," Seifer shrugged and rested his chin on my chest. "I'm okay. Think we can hit the coffee shop?"


"So what are we doing after that?"
I combed my fingers through his hair, smoothing it as best I could. It took quite some effort some mornings with the amount of gel he used being Soundsmith. It wasn't so bad today. "I thought we could go shopping, maybe."

"You volunteering to go shopping," he eyed me warily, turning his head to nip at my fingers when he could. "There has to be some catch here."

"Ring shopping," I said. Seifer laughed.

"Hyne you're eager," he kissed my chest and sat up slowly.

"Want to get a shower?" I asked. He nodded, rubbing his back a little. Mostly to make me feel guilty and volunteer to give him a massage. Not that I had a problem with that - any reason to get my hands on him. "I'll rub your back for you."

"Mmm, shower. Yeah, the body wash thing in there was good." He pulled back the covers and made shooing motions at me. I liked the gel too, ginger and lemongrass. it wasn't too over powering, or girly, or sweet. And it felt good.

So I rolled out of bed, heading for the bathroom and he padded after me. When I reached the shower and started it, he wasn't behind me anymore. I found him still in the bedroom, looking a little shocked. "Seifer?" I asked.

"When did you want to exchange these rings?" he asked, focusing on me.
"I don't know. Today, if we find some." I shrugged. I knew what I wanted to say to him. I knew everything I needed him to know. He grinned suddenly, grabbing onto me and pushing me back into the bathroom and then the shower. I spluttered, surprised by his sudden enthusiasm. "Seifer?!"

"Then from tomorrow, if we find them, this'll be our honeymoon."
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