Title: Awkward questions.
Description: More from the 24/M/Del Universe - After talking with Laguna
Pairing: seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 475
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.
Warning: this story line contains MAJOR SAP

Seifer found my room just as I was stepping out of the shower. He shut the door quickly as I grabbed a towel.

“Can I ask you something, squirt?” he asked, pulling his shirt off. Oh yes Seifer. Talk to me while flashing me, I may just about be able to answer.

Wait… he was calling me squirt. That meant he wanted to push me away a bit so if I got pissed, he’d feel less guilty about getting pissed in return. I wrapped the towel around my waist, folded my arms across my chest and shrugged. “Go on.”

“How many people have you been with?”

“Seifer, even I know it’s a bad idea to ask questions like that,” I reached into my open case to grab a pair of boxers, my black slacks, a clean shirt. I could relax around dad and wear something less formal – it wasn’t like garden where I had to put on a show. Most of the people in the palace knew I wasn’t as bad as the papers liked to make out, especially those closest to Laguna.

“Just… curious.” Seifer moved to his own case, lifting the lid and peering inside to pick out something to wear for dinner. “I mean, it’s no big deal – I told you about that one guy, remember? How many relationships have you been in?”

“…eight. Eight relationships before you.” I shrugged, hopping into my boxers and dropping the towel. I kept a careful eye on him, he had a habit of getting jealous of the looks people gave me no matter how often I told him that I didn’t cheat. I’d had it done to me and I knew what a kick in the teeth it was, I wasn’t about to do it to Seifer. Not when I loved him as much as I did. “I’ve slept with eleven people.”

“You had one night stands?” he looked at me incredulously, almost dropping the jeans he was holding.

“I’m human.” I shrugged again. “Problem?”

He stared at me for a moment, then rounded the bed and grabbed me. Just when I wondered if he was cracking up he kissed me and Hyne I nearly passed out. He felt so Good kissing me, all heat and I have to admit I was getting a little turned on from (as weird as it sounds) him being fully clothed and hugging me while I was almost naked. Especially when he kissed me like he’d die if he couldn’t have me right then and there.

“No,” he said, breaking the kiss when my knees were buckling. “No problem. It just means I get you and they all have to whine about what they’re missing,” He smirked at me and pushed me down on the bed to kiss me again.

We were so going to be late for dinner.

From: [personal profile] ex_ends958

So much to say...
Something that a notice in all of this (your other drabbles too) is that you make them natural, is easy to see all of this happing and looks like a real relationship.

24/M/Del universe - Pure love!I think is one of my favorites lol
Seifer is too cute and I like the way Squall feel and think about him.In the first Vacation drabble when I read "baby?" I thought Squall was pregnate, I don't know why...
The "challenges" made me giggle, the talk about the rings was really sweet and the wedding too.I like the way you didn't show the sex scene just the feelings ^^
Laguna just rock, Squall is a perv (but who isn't?) and Seifer think really positive.But I'm a jalousie type so...maybe it's a natural way of thinking.

No More Blues Yules - Squall has a son?! was all I could think. Seifer was mature, what make sense.And I wonder how Rin behave here...

Didn't read the one with Sephiroth because I hate him...sorry

FF7 was the best game ever ^^, I like all the FF saga.I didn't see the OVA but I know Zack is in it (Zack is love).
God, I write too much!


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