Title: A hero's reward.
Description: Sequalish thing to the No More Blue Yules fic.
Pairing: seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 1025
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.

Seifer pulled the ear pod of his mp3 player out as Squall appeared in the kitchen doorway. “What?”

“I asked if you were ready for dinner.”

He shrugged, instantly regretting it. Pain shot down his arm and across his chest, the healing bullet wound screaming in agony for a moment before it slowly settled into a dull roar. When he hadn’t aggravated it, it was easy to forget it was there oddly. He’d had enough in the past to make the dull ache familiar no matter how many years had passed since he’d last suffered and he quickly forgot that he wasn’t able to make simple gestures like shrugging. “Fuck... If you want.”

Squall sighed, slinking over and checking the bandage carefully. “Looks okay, you should take it easy, Mr Hero.”

“Dammit, why don’t we keep potions around anymore? Or spells. Spells would be good.”

“You know what we usually wind up doing with potions,” Squall purred, kissing Seifer’s temple gently.

Normally when Squall took on that tone, Seifer would have grinned and pulled Squall into his lap but right now, without any magic to heal him, he was unable to. In fact, it was off the menu for at least a month, maybe two. “See if there’s any potions in the store tomorrow.”

“I will. I think I know a regen draw point somewhere around here too.”

“No junctioning.”

“A couple of hours won’t make that much difference,” Squall shrugged, frowning in concern.

“No, but it always throws you out of whack for a few days and if you get a cold, I’ll catch it and sneezing with this is going to hurt like a bitch. It was bad enough what you did earlier.”

“Okay, okay,” Squall kissed him properly, a quick gentle kiss right on the lips. “I’ll try and get a potion but for now, dinner.”

“Something I can eat one handed!” Seifer yelled after Squall as he slunk back into the kitchen.

Seifer couldn’t deny that the smells coming from the kitchen were delicious. It was hard to be in a bad mood when your very talented boyfriend was making something that smelt so good the bar staff downstairs had whined about being hungry and made them shut the window. Finally, when Seifer was just about ready to drag himself off the couch and go find out what the hell smelt so good and why the hell it wasn’t in front of him right now, Squall bought a tray in and set it over his lap.


“Steak,” Squall repeated, offering Seifer a fork. “And stir fried vegetables in spicy sauce. I need to go put dessert in the oven, but I’ll be back as soon as that’s done.”

“You hate cooking steak,” Seifer speared a sliver of meat, examining it curiously. “The smell makes you feel sick, even when it’s for downstairs.”

“So?” Squall smiled and fetched his own plate after a few minutes, perching in the armchair cross-legged. “Heroes deserve a reward. And since you can’t get hero sex for a couple more weeks, hero food.”

“It wasn’t even like I stopped him. You did that bit.”

“Saved Mari’s life.”

“Thought you were gonna kill him, you know,” Seifer nibbled at the meat testingly and moaned. It was perfect, delicious and tender and he was almost prepared to get shot again to get Squall to cook steak. He loved steak. He hadn’t had it with Squall around since... “You know the last time we had steak?” he asked, eating slowly. Squall shook his head; many of his memories had been lost to guardian forces, never to return even though he’d been unjunctioned for a couple of years. “It was the night before I left Balamb.”

A faint hint of recognition lit up Squall’s eyes. “We bumped into each other in town and I took you out for dinner.”

“You and Rin had just gotten back together that morning after one of her blow ups. I wanted to tell you I was leaving for good.”

Squall leant over, leaning Seifer’s leg reassuringly. “I’m not leaving. Remember?”

Seifer smiled sheepishly, patting Squall’s hand. “I know. Just remembering how you looked that night.”

Squall looked at him for a moment, before moving closer, sitting on the floor beside the couch where Seifer was stretched out. “No regrets, Almasy,” he cautioned in his old commander voice, before cracking a smile. “You were wearing the sweater I gave you for Yule because it was cold. We went to dinner as friends and you still wouldn’t tell me where you were going.”

“I didn’t want you to follow. I was too much in love with you, and I needed the clean break,” Seifer ran his fingers over Squall’s cheek and smiled. “So much for clean breaks – I must be the luckiest bastard under the sun.”

Turning his head, Squall kissed Seifer’s palm and closed his eyes. “Second luckiest,” he smiled to himself. “You know if you’d told me to I’d have killed him for even threatening you, let alone shooting you, right?”

Seifer smiled, picking up his fork and returning to his food. He remembered seeing Squall drop into the doorway behind the idiot only seconds after the shot had rung out from the window upstairs. He remembered seeing Squall’s pale hand appearing over the dumbass’ shoulder and grabbing a handful of shirt before slamming him hard enough against the wall to bruise the guy’s ribs. Must have been a hell of a sight to be up close and personal with Shiva’s lover, the ice of a new junction forming on his lips and lashes and the brilliant blue blade of Lionheart pulsing with power only millimetres away. “I know,” he said fondly. “And if Mari hadn’t been there, I probably would have let you.”

“Civilians,” Squall grumbled, conveniently forgetting he was one. “Anyway, finish your dinner, I made that cinnamon, caramel and apple pie thing for dessert.”

Actually whimpering at the thought, Seifer grinned. “So how long do I get all this comfort food? That’s what it is, right?”

“Oh, until you’re at least ready for violent don’t scare me like that again sex.”
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