Title: Cravings.
Description: Mpreg arc. I wrote this for Race's birthday, and it kept growing... and growing... Warning for MPreg, of course. Set in a world where time compression didn't end, and Squall's team failed in their battle against Ultimecia.
Pairing: seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 509
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.


Seifer chuckled, spearing another chocolate dipped strawberry and offering it to squall’s lips. Squall bit into the fruit carefully, licking the juice from the fruit and his lips before taking another bite. “You know this is like porn, right?”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate the same treatment,” Squall murmured and bit rather viciously into the strawberry.

“Hell no, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the licking part though,” Seifer chose a piece of banana this time, half dipped in dark chocolate and half in milk. “And he’s going to be a boy.”

“No, I crave chocolate when I’m carrying girls – one day wanting fruit dipped in chocolate does not match the pineapple months of carrying Caden,” Squall nipped the entire slice of banana off the end of the skewer Seifer was using and chewed thoughtfully. He swallowed before shaking his head. “I think I’m done for now.”

Seifer nodded, leaning over Squall to kiss him softly as he set the plate down. With his hand free, he ran his palm down Squall’s chest – barely covered with a linen shirt to the just beginning to grow bump. His fourth child. “Love you,” he murmured.

“Are you talking to it or me?” Squall raised an eyebrow. His tone was fortunately teasing, Seifer noted. Though sometimes hormones and worries got the better of Squall, this child had been entirely his idea and he was dealing with it a lot better than he had their third baby.

“Both of you. Daddy and baby.”

“You have just saved yourself from a very painful afternoon by not mentioning the M word.”

“C’mon,” Seifer grinned, snuggling up to Squall’s side and grinning at him. “After the way you smacked that doctor back in Esthar, you think I’d risk saying you were a mommy? ‘sides, all the kids call you daddy.”

“Mm,” Squall ran the backs of his fingers over Seifer’s cheek gently. “You didn’t have to punch him too, you know.”

“Did. Insulted my best friend.”

“Oh he pissed Fujin off too?” Squall teased again. He was in a remarkably good mood today, something to do with not having to see the doctor for at least two weeks, Seifer guessed. For someone who’d spent as much time as Squall with doctors for various tests, treatments and procedures, he still had Issues with doctors. With a capital I. He much preferred nurses, most of whom seemed to at least know how to deal with him.

“You know I mean you. My lover. My lion.”

Squall smiled, blushing faintly and closed his eyes. “We have a couple of hours before dad brings the kids home. Can I nap?”

“Can I nap with you?” Seifer asked, noting the way Squall’s hand immediately caught his wrist and pulled the arm tighter across his belly. Squall-ese for ‘you’re not going anywhere’ but he had to ask. Just in case.

“Stay with me. Sleep or don’t, but just… stay with me.”

“Forever baby,” Seifer said, pulling the light blanket over the two of them and snuggling again. And he meant it too.
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