Title: Still learning.
Description: Mpreg arc. I wrote this for Race's birthday, and it kept growing... and growing... Warning for MPreg, of course. Set in a world where time compression didn't end, and Squall's team failed in their battle against Ultimecia. Seifer discovers something new, even after all those years.
Pairing: seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 582
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.


Seifer crouched down, his knees creaking audibly as he endeavoured to kneel beside his youngest son. Leon Almasy, the grand old age of seven going on seventeen to hear him talk, was peeking through a small crack between the just ajar door and the frame. “What’s up, squirt?” he whispered to the boy.

“Papa’s singing,” Leon grinned, glancing at Seifer only long enough to put his finger to his lips before looking back to the crack. Squall was indeed singing in the nursery. Not to himself, but to the little bundle in his arms. With Selena off at school every day and Caden off touring with his band so often, looking after the first grandchild in the family often fell to the only one of them who could work from home during the day time – Squall Almasy.

Right now, Squall was sitting in the rocking chair, his granddaughter curled against his chest with one arm wrapped tightly around a colourful stuffed caterpillar, a gift from uncle Rai.

It seemed strange to Seifer that he’d never heard this before. Squall’s voice wasn’t perfect, not quite managing to reach a couple of the higher notes that matron’s voice once had when she’d tried to soothe them in their darker moments, but still Squall could do no wrong in his eyes. And after four children, why hadn’t he heard it before?

Leon leant against the door a little too hard and Squall turned red and his voice stopped as it began to creak open. “Leon?” Squall called softly, rocking the baby. “You’re supposed to be getting ready for your class; I hope that’s not you out there.

The boy squeaked, and scrambled off, running down the stairs to gather his clothes for the self defence class he took part in on Wednesday evenings. Seifer decided perhaps it was time to take one for the team and pushed the door open.

Squall rolled his eyes on seeing Seifer on his knees. “What do you want?”

“You sing. Did you always do that or did Wylder just inspire you?” Seifer leant against the door frame as nonchalantly as he could manage, grinning as though it was perfectly normal to be seen kneeling in the hallway.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Squall huffed, standing up from the rocking chair carefully and setting the baby in her crib to let her rest. “And I’m not helping you back up.”

Seifer looked down at himself and his position. After a moments thought, he reached out to Squall and grinned. “Marry me?”

“That’s one knee.”

“Fine, Oral?”

Squall sighed and crossed the room to offer Seifer a hand up. “You are incorrigible.”

“You are avoiding.”

“Why does it matter?” Squall asked, clipping the portable baby monitor to his belt and turning toward the stairs to follow their son down.

“It doesn’t. I just like that you still have some secrets for me to find. You’re like a puzzle that way, every time I think I’ve gotten to the heart of you, another little bit of yourself appears and I find I can get to know you even better. Does make me wonder though, if you’ll ever get bored of me.”

Squall looked back over his shoulder, smiling faintly. “No, because every time I think I’ve gotten to your romantic side, you go and say something like that and leave me floored.”

Seifer reached out to take Squall’s hand, and smiled. “I promised you forever.”

“I’ll take it.”
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