Title: Next of Kin
Description: Seifer's called in because the guy he broke up with couldn't be bothered to change his emergency contact information.
Pairing: eventual seifer/squall
Rating: PG
Word count: 594
Notes: Drabbles/ficlets tend to be written at work, so they're not as lucid as some of my writing. They're also completely unbeta'd unless otherwise stated, please forgive this.


Squall lifted his head slowly. When his eyes met Seifer's, dark blue-grey, they were empty. No junctions, no recognition. Just a haunted little look from a lost little boy. "Do I know you?" he asked softly, his frown deepening. He was almost as pale as the gauze bandage on his cheek and the cast on his arm.

Seifer opened his mouth to speak, finding his voice lost at the question. All of the anger at being called in for someone he'd broken up with months before just because he still happened to be listed as Squall's next of kin was gone in a heartbeat. He edged into the room slowly as though if he moved too quickly he'd break this spell on Squall and they'd return to the awkward silences and deep regrets. "Yeah, baby. I'm Seifer."

"Seifer," Squall echoed, closing his eyes. Then he shook his head. "No, I don't remember. I'm sorry."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Seifer touched his cheek. The gauze covered most of Squall's right cheek from just under his eye down to just level with his mouth. Squall didn't recoil in the slightest, just watching him with a slightly confused expression. "Did they tell you what happened?"

"Something about a car crash. I saw them changing the dressing on my leg though, I think someone shot me," Squall frowned, eyeing Seifer critically. "How do I know you're someone I can trust?"

Seifer reached for Squall's gown slowly. "Can I show you?" he asked. Squall nodded his permission, allowing Seifer to gently pull back the gown to reveal the Griever tattoo over Squall's heart. "See this?" he asked. Squall nodded again, and Seifer let go of the gown to pull the heavy pendant he wore out from under his shirt, showing the silver Griever pendant, or at least its copy, to Squall. "This is the one you gave me."

Touching the pendant gently. Squall frowned. He turned it, running his thumb over the fire cross knight insignia engraved into the back of the heavy metal. If this," he touched the tattoo on his chest," is me... is the cross you?"

"Yeah, you didn't have a big thing for words. Don't have, I mean" he corrected himself quickly, watching Squall study the jewellery with all the intensity he'd always had but none of the recognition.

"I don't remember, Squall grumbled, his voice quiet and deadly. He let the necklace fall from his hand, looking down at some spot on the bedclothes that Seifer couldn't discern. "I don't remember anything. Why?" I mean... I just want to know what happened."

Seifer rubbed Squall's shoulder, attempting to soothe him somehow. It was impossible of course, he had every right to be upset. He had every right to be angry too, where the hell were SeeD? Dincht, Trepe, at least one of them should be around. "I'll go see the doctor and see if I can scare up some info, okay? And I'll bring you a decent coffee back."

"Thank you Seifer," Squall gave him a smile that could light up the room and settled back against his pillows, pulling his blanket up. "I... er... could you get me something to read? I'm bored to tears here. I'll pay you back..., when I figure out where the hell they hid my wallet."

"Dummy, I'll grab you a book while I'm down there. You rest, Squirt," he said patting Squall's hand.

Squall closed his eyes, smile still in place. "Okay, wake me up when you come back if I nod off."


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